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7 Reasons Why Treating Baldness Will Change Your Life

June 8, 2017

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The Dangers of Hair Loss


The damaging psychological effects of hair loss can ruin lives.


Hair loss is not just a vanity problem. It does serious damage to a person's psyche. It can affect your social life, love life and even career.

Doomed Love Life

Hair loss can make the quest to find love more difficult. People who have thinning hair avoid dating because they are self conscious. Some settle for less desirable partners because of their low self esteem.


Most people don't think of hair loss as a serious issue, but with hair loss comes lack of self confidence, exaggerated feelings of ugliness and even depression. If not treated, it can grow worse.


Feel Less Confident About Themselves

75% of men who feel less confident about themselves when they start losing hair Hair loss is causing millions of people to lose their confidence.


Suffered Problems in their careers

63 out of 100 women claimed that they had career related problems because of hair loss.


Were Teased For Being Bald

43% of people said they were teased for their baldness by others at some point in their lives. The teasing caused them stress.


Men Say it’s Their Biggest Concern

9 out of 10 balding men who were surveyed said that hair loss is their number 1 concern in life. And it is causing them stress.


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