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Hair Care

People have a tendency to believe in myths they wish were true. This leads to spreading of many false facts and fake advice.


Before the digital revolution, these Grandma’s myths were spread through word of mouth, but now, thanks to convenient sharing on social media platforms, the myth spreading goes on steroids.


We see a interesting post on Facebook and we share it, we forward messages without fact checking (Who doesn’t?)


So it’s always a good idea to fact check a piece of information before believing it.  


Following are the 10 Common hair related myths people believe are true.


1. Trimming your hair will make it grow faster

Hair grows the same amount every month whether you cut it or not. Cutting or trimming won’t affect the speed at which they grow.


Your hormones are the only thing that affect your hair growth speed.


Although, there is a benefit of regular trimming. It gets rid of split ends, making your hair look better.


2. Switching between different shampoos is better for hair

For most people it seem like their hair grows used to a new shampoo only a few days after they start using it. “At first it was working great but now it doesn’t feel the same” They say.


Turns out, Hair can’t tell the difference between brands nor can it build tolerance to a particular shampoo.


According to the experts a shampoo will work the same every time you use it.


You should change your shampoo, but not randomly. Change it according to seasons. The shampoo which works well in summer might be ineffective during the rain.  



3. Pluck out a gray hair and two will replace it

It’s a myth. Plucking out a gray hair won’t make two grow. But don’t pluck out your gray hair. Doing so could damage the roots and even leave a scar behind.


Graying of hair is natural and nothing to be ashamed about. If it’s really bothering you, just use hair color. These days they are harmless and pretty easy to use.

4. Coloring your hair badly damages it

While using lots of products will do damage, most of today’s branded hair products are designed to be harmless.


Coloring your hair won’t make you go bald, so make your hair blue or pink or whatever color you wish. Just make sure you buy products of trusted brands.  


5. Brushing your hair a lot will make it grow


On the contrary brushing too much leads to significant weakening and damage to the hair. While we wouldn’t recommend throwing your hair brush away yet, just don’t use it too much.


If you stop brushing altogether, knots and tangles may build up in your hair. You have to slowly and carefully untangle with your fingers. If you don’t want the knots to form, just brush your hair every other day for a short time.


Tip: When brushing, don’t start from root to tip instead start from tip to root. This will prevent the hair pulling that are caused when you start from root to tip.


6. Men with more testosterone go bald


Have high testosterone? Don’t worry. You are not doomed to go bald.


Testosterone isn’t the reason people go bald, instead it’s the sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone that causes the body to lose hair.


What determines the sensitivity? Genetics.


Conclusion: Don’t believe everything you hear about hair loss.


7. Wearing a hat or cap will make you go bald


Caps are cool. If you like wearing caps and it makes you look badass, don’t let this myth stop you from doing it.


Although they won’t make you lose hair, wearing a cap too tightly can pull the hair, eventually causing damage.


So if you want to wear caps, do it, wear them wherever and whenever you wish, but never too tight.


8. Stress is making you go bald

Despite of what you’ve been always told, stress doesn’t cause baldness.


Yes, chronic stress  will make your hair fall out, because your body stops growing hair and focuses on fixing whatever is causing the stress, but the hair will grow back once the stress is gone, and doesn’t cause male pattern baldness.


Although it’s not making you go bald you should still prevent it as much as you can.Mental stress can have harmful effects on your health.


Do whatever it takes to avoid stress. If your job is too stressful, find a new one. If you’re not happy in a relationship, get out of it. 🙂


9. Masturbating will make you bald

This originated when masturbation was extremely frowned upon and so those who wanted people to stop touching themselves in naughty places spread myths like, “It makes you go blind,” and “It makes you go bald,” “You will go to hell if you beat wood.”


These are, of course, all lies. So relax and go have some fun. It won’t make you go bald.


10. There is no cure for Baldness

While it is true that once your hair follicle is dead it won’t grow any hair, there are things you can do.


There are drugs that help recover lost hair, but whether they will work for you or not depends on the cause of the hair loss. Hair can be recovered with medication if you’re in your early twenties.


If the hair loss is permanent the only way to treat baldness is a hair transplant.