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7 Reasons Why Treating Baldness Will Change Your Life

If you suffer from thinning hair or baldness, like millions of people all over the world, you’re familiar with the harmful psychological effects it can have on you. The stress, the feeling of being judged, the low self esteem and the deep insecurities about your looks.


All this can make one’s life miserable. We constantly try to pursue happiness while ignoring the things that get into the way.

Why is this when there are so many options? You can can get professional help; Get a consultation with a hair care expert to check whether the hair loss is permanent or if medication will help. And if it is indeed permanent, then you’ve got a solution called hair transplant too.

Obviously, if you want to, you can come up with many excuses such as, “Hair Transplant is not safe”, “Hair transplant is costly”, “There are other ways to grow hair back.”


All of these are misconceptions and will not help you deal with your problems. If you have any doubts about safety or cost of the treatment you can always consult a doctor.


We can arrange a consultation for you. Free of Charge. And be assured, you’ll get only the best advice from our trusted doctors.


If you’re still not convinced, here are the seven reasons why getting back those lost hair will change your life:


1. You will look and feel better

After you have your hair back, you’ll naturally feel better about yourself. Everytime you look into the mirror, you won’t feel as if anything was missing.


Hairshapes your face and is an important part of your appearance. While some people can rock the bald head look, most can’t. They look older than they actually are.


By getting your hair back, you will look younger, you will feel younger, more energetic and  confident. This will reflect in your behaviour. People will be more responsive to you. They will start taking you seriously.


2. You will be more confident

The biggest damage that hair loss does is not to your scalp, but to your self esteem. People who start losing hair at a young age often lose their confidence too. They avoid social situations, settle for less attractive partners, and overall have a low self image about themselves.


Confidence is one of the most important factors that affects our success in all walks of life.


This means that hair loss could literally prevent you from being successful.


Getting your hair back will help get your lost confidence back and it will change everything in your life – your health, your love life, your social life and even your career.



3. You will be able to style your hair

We, humans, have an essential need for control, and mostly we have to suppress it. You have to take orders from your boss, you have to follow the rules and behave according to society’s rules.


Most of us compensate by getting control over something we can. Hairystyle. We can get it cut the way we want, color it, style it the way that expresses us best.


Having this control over our hair helps us manage the chaos that face every day in life.


Baldness takes that away from us. Without it we fall back into the stressful, chaotic life that overwhelms us.


Getting your hair back will allow you style your hair. You’ll be in control.  



4. People will think you are smarter

According to countless experiments and years of research, people tend to judge attractive people as more intelligent and competent than people whom they find less attractive.


Also a fact in psychology is that people who take effort to look good are perceived as more attractive by others. It’s not what you have, but what you do with what you have.


This means that people who take effort in looking good– with grooming, stylish clothes, good hairstyles, etc, will be perceived as better looking than others.


Now, imagine getting those beautiful hair back. You could style them to look better and make great first impressions.    


5. You’ll have more luck with dating

What do women find attractive in men? Lots of things contribute to this, but the most important one is confidence. The more confident you are, the better you feel about yourself, the more attractive you are to the opposite sex. This also applies to women. Men find confident women more attractive.


Having a head full of hair will help you get more confident about your looks and will make you more attractive to the opposite sex.


Also, always remember the “making efforts to look good” part. The efforts you put in are more important than having a pretty face.


Cleopatra, the most dangerously seductive woman in history, wasn’t the most beautiful woman in Greece. In fact, she was quite average looking, but she took extreme measures to look like a fantasy character that all men dreamed of possessing. She would dress up as goddesses, wear the most fashionable outfits that no one had seen before. Sometimes, she would even dress up in rare jewels.


You get what we’re trying to say, right? 😛

6. You will have more success in your career

People make
snap judgements about us based on how we look. Better looking people are perceived as being smarter and more competent.


This bias also affects how interviewers will judge your ability. You may be qualified for a job but the interviewer’s subconscious judgement will cost you the opportunity.


Better looking people are promoted faster than their less attractive counterparts.


If nothing else, think of the money you spend on the treatment as a smart investment.   


7. Your health will improve

Most people ignore the harmful effect of hair loss on a person’s psychology. This is dangerous because hair loss is a condition that millions of people all over the world suffer from.


It can lead to stress, exaggerated feelings of ugliness and even depression.


Depression can cause many health problems which can eventually shorten your lifespan.


If hair loss is affecting the quality of your life, it’s worth the effort to get professional help. Either consult a therapist who will help you cope with it or tackle the problem to the roots and get a hair loss treatment done.



If you have any doubts about hair loss treatment or hair transplant you can get a free consultation here. We will arrange it for you with a trusted and well qualified doctor.