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Hair Treatment

If you are considering having a hair transplant, you are probably researching two things on the internet.

1) A trusted clinic where you can have a safe and successful hair transplant.


2) How much can the transplant cost you.


If this did strike a chord to you, then Bravo! You are a smart one.


Doing a research before selecting the right clinic is always a good idea. You don’t want to end up getting a poor job done by an inexperienced doctor or overpaying when you could have gotten the same quality treatment at a lesser price.


You are on the right track, but there are two things you should always keep in mind.


1) The cheapest option is not the best

There are horror stories of people who got their transplant done at a cheap clinic and the results were so poor that they had to get another, more expensive, surgery to fix the damage.


Don’t make a poor decision just to save a few thousands. Remember why you are getting a hair transplant–to get your hair back and look good. It won’t be worth it to spend all that money if you’re not happy with the results.


2)  Money spent on hair transplant is money spent well.

They say money can’t buy happiness but in the way hair transplant changes people’s lives (Add link to “7 ways….” article), you can say that it can end suffering. It’s an investment you make for a happier and healthier life. It will even benefit your career.


Back to the cost of hair transplant.


The cost depends on different factors such as:

  1. How much does the clinic charge per graft
  2. Whether you chose FUT or FUE
  3. How many grafts you need transplanted



Different costs

Not all clinics charge the same rate for a hair transplant. Bigger clinics charge more to make up for the marketing and other costs.

Our partner clinics will charge you ₹35 per graft (Graft is not a single hair. Each graft can have multiple hair).


But if you sign up with us we’ll get you a 15% discount.


Costs in other places


Hair transplant cost in some of India’s popular clinics:


Goa Hair Care (Goa) –      From ₹35,000


A K Clinics (Punjab) –      From ₹30,000/- to ₹3,50,000+


Tamira Life (Chennai)    –   From ₹70,000 (₹75 Per graft for Scalp)  – ₹86,500 (for 1000 grafts)


HARLEYS CLINIC(Mumbai)   –  From ₹80,000 – ₹1,50,000


TRICHOS Hair Transplant Institute (Hyderabad) – From ₹30,000


Mayflower Clinic (Nagpur) – ₹20,000 – ₹80,000



We’d recommend you get your hair transplant done in Goa. If you’re considering getting it done in a different state from where you live in, keep in mind that while the transplant procedure takes an entire day on average, you will have to do follow up appointments with the doctor.


The follow up treatment can be sped up but it’s not recommended.



To know how much hair you’ll need and how much it will cost you, sign up for a free consultation here.


Note: Not all clinics provide free consultations. The cheapest consultation fees start from ₹500.




Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) method will cost you less when compared to Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant method.


FUT, also called as strip method. The surgeon removes a strip of skin from the back of the scalp. The scalp is sewed close. Then they divide the scalp into individual grafts which are then transplanted into the bald are.


FUE is the modern method of hair transplant in which the surgeon removes individual follicles directly from the donor area, which are then transplanted into the bald area.


Consult your doctor to find out which method is best for you.


Amount of grafts


The total cost of surgery is calculated by the amount of grafts you need to be transplanted. Some people just need to cover up a bald spot and may require 1000 grafts while others may need 2000 or more.


If the per graft cost is ₹35, for a thousand graft surgery you will have to pay around ₹35,000 Rs. For 2000 grafts you will pay ₹70,000.


If it gets more than 2000 grafts, the total cost goes down.


Is it worth it?

If you are wondering if spending all this money on getting a hair transplant is worth it, you should consider the damage it’s doing to the quality of your life.


Psychological effects of baldness and receding hairline:

  1. Low self esteem:  people self conscious about their baldness often develop low self esteem. They also avoid social situations and settle for less attractive partners.


  1. Stress:  The fear of going bald is enough to drive people into depression. Especially in younger people. They spend hundreds of hours obsessively searching for “remedies” to grow back hair.


  1. Underestimated by others: Hair plays an important in attractiveness, and attractive people are subconsciously perceived as smarter and more competent by others. This costs some people good career opportunities.


Don’t think of the cost of hair transplant as an expense. Think of it as an investment for a better, healthier life.


Hair Care

People have a tendency to believe in myths they wish were true. This leads to spreading of many false facts and fake advice.


Before the digital revolution, these Grandma’s myths were spread through word of mouth, but now, thanks to convenient sharing on social media platforms, the myth spreading goes on steroids.


We see a interesting post on Facebook and we share it, we forward messages without fact checking (Who doesn’t?)


So it’s always a good idea to fact check a piece of information before believing it.  


Following are the 10 Common hair related myths people believe are true.


1. Trimming your hair will make it grow faster

Hair grows the same amount every month whether you cut it or not. Cutting or trimming won’t affect the speed at which they grow.


Your hormones are the only thing that affect your hair growth speed.


Although, there is a benefit of regular trimming. It gets rid of split ends, making your hair look better.


2. Switching between different shampoos is better for hair

For most people it seem like their hair grows used to a new shampoo only a few days after they start using it. “At first it was working great but now it doesn’t feel the same” They say.


Turns out, Hair can’t tell the difference between brands nor can it build tolerance to a particular shampoo.


According to the experts a shampoo will work the same every time you use it.


You should change your shampoo, but not randomly. Change it according to seasons. The shampoo which works well in summer might be ineffective during the rain.  



3. Pluck out a gray hair and two will replace it

It’s a myth. Plucking out a gray hair won’t make two grow. But don’t pluck out your gray hair. Doing so could damage the roots and even leave a scar behind.


Graying of hair is natural and nothing to be ashamed about. If it’s really bothering you, just use hair color. These days they are harmless and pretty easy to use.

4. Coloring your hair badly damages it

While using lots of products will do damage, most of today’s branded hair products are designed to be harmless.


Coloring your hair won’t make you go bald, so make your hair blue or pink or whatever color you wish. Just make sure you buy products of trusted brands.  


5. Brushing your hair a lot will make it grow


On the contrary brushing too much leads to significant weakening and damage to the hair. While we wouldn’t recommend throwing your hair brush away yet, just don’t use it too much.


If you stop brushing altogether, knots and tangles may build up in your hair. You have to slowly and carefully untangle with your fingers. If you don’t want the knots to form, just brush your hair every other day for a short time.


Tip: When brushing, don’t start from root to tip instead start from tip to root. This will prevent the hair pulling that are caused when you start from root to tip.


6. Men with more testosterone go bald


Have high testosterone? Don’t worry. You are not doomed to go bald.


Testosterone isn’t the reason people go bald, instead it’s the sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone that causes the body to lose hair.


What determines the sensitivity? Genetics.


Conclusion: Don’t believe everything you hear about hair loss.


7. Wearing a hat or cap will make you go bald


Caps are cool. If you like wearing caps and it makes you look badass, don’t let this myth stop you from doing it.


Although they won’t make you lose hair, wearing a cap too tightly can pull the hair, eventually causing damage.


So if you want to wear caps, do it, wear them wherever and whenever you wish, but never too tight.


8. Stress is making you go bald

Despite of what you’ve been always told, stress doesn’t cause baldness.


Yes, chronic stress  will make your hair fall out, because your body stops growing hair and focuses on fixing whatever is causing the stress, but the hair will grow back once the stress is gone, and doesn’t cause male pattern baldness.


Although it’s not making you go bald you should still prevent it as much as you can.Mental stress can have harmful effects on your health.


Do whatever it takes to avoid stress. If your job is too stressful, find a new one. If you’re not happy in a relationship, get out of it. 🙂


9. Masturbating will make you bald

This originated when masturbation was extremely frowned upon and so those who wanted people to stop touching themselves in naughty places spread myths like, “It makes you go blind,” and “It makes you go bald,” “You will go to hell if you beat wood.”


These are, of course, all lies. So relax and go have some fun. It won’t make you go bald.


10. There is no cure for Baldness

While it is true that once your hair follicle is dead it won’t grow any hair, there are things you can do.


There are drugs that help recover lost hair, but whether they will work for you or not depends on the cause of the hair loss. Hair can be recovered with medication if you’re in your early twenties.


If the hair loss is permanent the only way to treat baldness is a hair transplant.




Hair Care

Your hair is precious to you. You buy expensive hair care products and spend hours reading blogs about hair care. But all that is pointless if you are unaware about the everyday things you do that seem harmless but are destroying your hair.


To solve any problem, you must first know the root cause of it. Treating something without knowing the cause is like aiming arrows at the sky, at night, hoping to hit a bird. You might get lucky but the chances are very less.


Following are the most common hair care mistakes people unknowingly make. If you are making them yourself, stop now.

1. Exposing your hair to heat

Heat is the most damaging element to hair. Hot water, blow dryer, and hair straighteners hurt your hair. You should avoid exposing your hair to heat.


Don’t wash your hair with hot water.


Avoid blow dryers, curling irons and hair straighteners too. But, in case you can’t live without them, use heat protection products to save your hair from heat damage. We recommend L’oreal Paris Advanced Heatspray 3 Sleek 450 Degree Protection. It will prevent the damage.

2. Exposure to Sun

The harmful UV rays from the sun can easily cause irreversible damage to your hair. Also, the heat doesn’t help. And while some exposure to the sun is essential for good health (20 minutes everyday), you should try to get it from 10am to 1pm. After that the sunlight is too harsh and damaging.


If you are going out in the sun after 2pm, just carry an umbrella or wear a hat. Simple.


And if you can’t for some reason, may be you’re in sports and have to practice in the sun, use UV protection products. We recommend Global Keratin GK Hair UV/UVA Shield Protection Conditioner.



3. Using Hair Products Incorrectly

With all the pollution and harmful things that our hair is exposed to, we need to use hair products to protect our hair from damage. But using them the right way according to your hair type is as important.


Using too many hair products will cause build up and lead to heavy hair.


Following are some mistakes that you may be making:


  1. a) Not using hair oil: While too much oil can make your hair look greasy, using the right amount will improve hair health and even make your hair look better. Don’t believe me? Just try it.


Our ancestors have always been using hair oils to keep their hair healthy. Hair oil stimulates growth and even prevents dandruff.


  1. b) Choosing a product that’s not for your hair type


Thinking that what works for someone else’s hair will also work for yours is a mistake. Everyone’s hair is different, some have fine, some have coarse hair. If you have fine hair and you use a product meant for coarse hair will be too harsh. If you have coarse hair, the product meant for fine hair won’t be as effective.


To prevent this, always check the labels for strength, moisture level etc.


If you don’t know what your hair type is, here’s a guide to find out.


  1. c) Not using the right amount


While too much of it will weigh your hair down, use too less and you are not getting the benefits.


The rule of thumb: You will never need any more than the size of a 50 paisa coin (If you still remember it).


Also, make sure that you rub the product between your palms before applying. It helps to spread it evenly.



4. Tying them tightly

This one is for women, and some men with long hair. Don’t tie your hair too tightly. In fact, avoid tying all together.


The headbands can grip the hair too tightly causing fraying and breakage.


If you do this often enough, the constant tugging will cause the roots to shift closer to the scalp, making them weaker and causing hair fall.


You can tie it once in awhile but regularly doing it will cause irreversible damage.




5. Poor diet: Not Eating food that you need

You have to take care of your body for it to function properly. That means exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy and proper diet.


This is important for healthy hair. If something goes wrong in your body, say it doesn’t get enough necessary nutrition, it focuses all the available resources on the processes that are essential for survival. And the rest, the lack of which won’t kill you, go out first.


Losing hair will cause you a lot of emotional stress but it won’t kill you, as far as survival is concerned, you don’t need hair to survive.


Thing like protein deficiency will cause the body to slow down or shut down hair growth.


The basic recommendation for protein intake is 0.8 grams per KG of bodyweight. That means a person who weighs 55 Kg will need 44 grams of protein per day and a person who weighs 70 Kg will need 56 grams of protein.


Make sure that you get enough protein everyday. Some good sources of proteins are eggs, fish, meat, peanuts, and milk.


Vitamin B deficiency can also cause hair loss.

6: Not washing your hair enough

How often do you wash your hair? Once, twice, thrice a week?


The recommended is three times a week with a good shampoo. Hair is exposed to dirt, chemical and many harmful substances throughout the day and they must be washed off before they can do any damage.


Having said that, don’t wash your hair too often either. It will cause it to lose the natural oils which are good for the hair.


There are exceptions to this rule. Say you are in sports and everyday after practice you’re drenched in sweat, you should wash your hair and clean off the sweat. In this case not washing everyday will do more harm than good.



7. Rubbing with a towel


Don’t rub your hair with a towel. Rubbing roughs up the hair shaft causing damage to your roots.


In case you’ve been doing this for a while, don’t worry, you can recover the damage.


Choose a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated for your hair. Like we discussed before, different hair need different products. This will recover the damage and heal your roots gradually.


Then get a microfiber towel, which is soft and has a harmless texture. The regular towels have a coarse texture which is damaging. With the microfiber towel, gently blot and squeeze your hair dry instead of rubbing.


If you’re worried about getting a cold if you leave the hair a little wet, don’t worry. It’s a myth. Just make sure you don’t leave too much water and go through a sudden change in temperature. Like walking into a air conditioned room.



Hair is precious. It is important to our identity and self esteem, don’t take hair for granted. Take proper care and keep your hair healthy.



Hair Care

If you suffer from thinning hair or baldness, like millions of people all over the world, you’re familiar with the harmful psychological effects it can have on you. The stress, the feeling of being judged, the low self esteem and the deep insecurities about your looks.


All this can make one’s life miserable. We constantly try to pursue happiness while ignoring the things that get into the way.

Why is this when there are so many options? You can can get professional help; Get a consultation with a hair care expert to check whether the hair loss is permanent or if medication will help. And if it is indeed permanent, then you’ve got a solution called hair transplant too.

Obviously, if you want to, you can come up with many excuses such as, “Hair Transplant is not safe”, “Hair transplant is costly”, “There are other ways to grow hair back.”


All of these are misconceptions and will not help you deal with your problems. If you have any doubts about safety or cost of the treatment you can always consult a doctor.


We can arrange a consultation for you. Free of Charge. And be assured, you’ll get only the best advice from our trusted doctors.


If you’re still not convinced, here are the seven reasons why getting back those lost hair will change your life:


1. You will look and feel better

After you have your hair back, you’ll naturally feel better about yourself. Everytime you look into the mirror, you won’t feel as if anything was missing.


Hairshapes your face and is an important part of your appearance. While some people can rock the bald head look, most can’t. They look older than they actually are.


By getting your hair back, you will look younger, you will feel younger, more energetic and  confident. This will reflect in your behaviour. People will be more responsive to you. They will start taking you seriously.


2. You will be more confident

The biggest damage that hair loss does is not to your scalp, but to your self esteem. People who start losing hair at a young age often lose their confidence too. They avoid social situations, settle for less attractive partners, and overall have a low self image about themselves.


Confidence is one of the most important factors that affects our success in all walks of life.


This means that hair loss could literally prevent you from being successful.


Getting your hair back will help get your lost confidence back and it will change everything in your life – your health, your love life, your social life and even your career.



3. You will be able to style your hair

We, humans, have an essential need for control, and mostly we have to suppress it. You have to take orders from your boss, you have to follow the rules and behave according to society’s rules.


Most of us compensate by getting control over something we can. Hairystyle. We can get it cut the way we want, color it, style it the way that expresses us best.


Having this control over our hair helps us manage the chaos that face every day in life.


Baldness takes that away from us. Without it we fall back into the stressful, chaotic life that overwhelms us.


Getting your hair back will allow you style your hair. You’ll be in control.  



4. People will think you are smarter

According to countless experiments and years of research, people tend to judge attractive people as more intelligent and competent than people whom they find less attractive.


Also a fact in psychology is that people who take effort to look good are perceived as more attractive by others. It’s not what you have, but what you do with what you have.


This means that people who take effort in looking good– with grooming, stylish clothes, good hairstyles, etc, will be perceived as better looking than others.


Now, imagine getting those beautiful hair back. You could style them to look better and make great first impressions.    


5. You’ll have more luck with dating

What do women find attractive in men? Lots of things contribute to this, but the most important one is confidence. The more confident you are, the better you feel about yourself, the more attractive you are to the opposite sex. This also applies to women. Men find confident women more attractive.


Having a head full of hair will help you get more confident about your looks and will make you more attractive to the opposite sex.


Also, always remember the “making efforts to look good” part. The efforts you put in are more important than having a pretty face.


Cleopatra, the most dangerously seductive woman in history, wasn’t the most beautiful woman in Greece. In fact, she was quite average looking, but she took extreme measures to look like a fantasy character that all men dreamed of possessing. She would dress up as goddesses, wear the most fashionable outfits that no one had seen before. Sometimes, she would even dress up in rare jewels.


You get what we’re trying to say, right? 😛

6. You will have more success in your career

People make
snap judgements about us based on how we look. Better looking people are perceived as being smarter and more competent.


This bias also affects how interviewers will judge your ability. You may be qualified for a job but the interviewer’s subconscious judgement will cost you the opportunity.


Better looking people are promoted faster than their less attractive counterparts.


If nothing else, think of the money you spend on the treatment as a smart investment.   


7. Your health will improve

Most people ignore the harmful effect of hair loss on a person’s psychology. This is dangerous because hair loss is a condition that millions of people all over the world suffer from.


It can lead to stress, exaggerated feelings of ugliness and even depression.


Depression can cause many health problems which can eventually shorten your lifespan.


If hair loss is affecting the quality of your life, it’s worth the effort to get professional help. Either consult a therapist who will help you cope with it or tackle the problem to the roots and get a hair loss treatment done.



If you have any doubts about hair loss treatment or hair transplant you can get a free consultation here. We will arrange it for you with a trusted and well qualified doctor.



Hair Removal, Laser Hair Removal

Life is unfair. Some people suffer because of lack of hair while others have too much of them.

As much as baldness can affect the self esteem of people, having hair in the wrong places can also make a person self conscious. Especially for women, having facial hair can cause serious self esteem issues.

The easy solution for most is waxing just shaving off the unwanted hair, but both are temporary and waxing is painful and uncomfortable.

The long term solution is permanent laser hair removal.

A few decades back, when the method was new only a few people used it, but now, as the technology has advanced and the procedure has gotten much safer, more and more people are opting for this.

The reason is simple. It saves time and money, and it also you from the painful spa appointments.  

But before you rush into your nearest cosmetic clinic, just take some time to read this article and learn more about laser hair removal.

How it works?

Basically, a strong laser will penetrate deep down into the root of each hair strand and damage the follicle. The result is that the damaged follicle will not grow any hair.

It treatment takes three to seven sessions.

The Process

Before the procedure, the doctor will trim the target area. Then, they will adjust the equipment according to the requirements. Things like color, area and thickness determine the settings.

They will take proper safety measures to make sure that no mishaps happen. You will be given eye protection.

They’ll apply a cold gel on your skin. This helps the laser penetrate the skin.

Next, they will start actual laser process. When it’s done they’ll inspect your skin to make sure that the settings are proper and there are no unwanted reactions to the skin.

After the procedure, you’ll be given lotions and creams to ease any possible discomfort.

The whole process is quite simple and comfortable.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Obviously the best benefit is, well, less unwanted hair. Whether that may be on the arms, legs, back, or even the face.

The most important benefit however is not physical but mental. Without those unwanted hair, you’ll feel much more confident.

This is especially true for women. Having facial hair may make some women feel less feminine. This has a huge impact on her self esteem, she’ll feel less attractive.

Our sense of attractiveness is closely related to our self confidence, and as you know, your confidence level will affect everything in your life–work, relationships, social life and even health.

If the unwanted hair problem is affecting the quality of your life, then you should seriously consider a treatment option.

There are some other benefits too. For instance, It is much less painful than waxing, plucking, or threading which you’ll have to suffer on weekly bases.  

During laser treatment you can feel a little temporary discomfort, but that can be fixed with an anesthetic cream. And since the hair removal is mostly permanent, you’ll not have to go through it again.

Finally, in the long run, it will save you thousands of hours of time you would have otherwise spent in the spa awaiting for the painful experience every week.

Side effects

Note: Lasers are powerful tools. Treatments like these take skill and experience. If you are opting for treatment, make sure you hire an experienced doctor.

Mostly, if you go to a qualified cosmologist, the side effects of a hair removal treatment are rare. The procedure is fairly safe. And the best clinics will take all possible precautions to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Still, there are possible side effects and I will mention them. Some of them common and some rare.

  1. Skin burns – Powerful lasers emit a lot of heat and sometimes during the procedure, the skin might get a burn. This is more likely to happen in dark skinned patients since darker pigments absorbs the laser more readily.

           In most cases the burns are mild, but in a few rare instances, severe burns have been     

           reported. Talk to your doctor about this.

  1. Eye injuries –  You can imagine what will happen if your eyes get exposed to a strong laser. So if the operating team doesn’t provide you with eye protection, ask for it.

  1.  You may feel some pain and numbness around the treated area. This is normal and occurs in most cases. They might also be itching. Consult to your doctor immediately if the pain is too uncomfortable.  
  2. The skin around the follicle swells and so make the skin look red.
  3. It may lead to hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation.

Costs of Laser Hair Removal

The average cost of hair removal treatments is ₹3,000 – ₹20,000 The cost varies depending on different factors.

A person who wants to remove full body hair will have to pay more than someone who needs to remove facial hair.
Also, the number of treatments required to achieve the results. Some cases require more than others.

Cost charged by the clinic.

In the end, no article or blog post can ever tell you the accurate cost. For an accurate number, just get a free consultation with a doctor. They’ll study your case and give you the estimate.

Then, once you know the details, it’s up to you to opt in for the treatment or not.

Note: Decent clinics will cost you more because they have a well qualified staff they have to pay for. If you go for the cheap clinics to save money, think about the risks.

At least thoroughly check the qualifications of the doctors and the staff before making a decision.