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Before we discuss the costs of hair transplant. I want to mention a few important details. A friendly advice to prevent you from making any mistakes.

  1. Verify the quality of service the clinic provides before considering the cost of treatment they offer. You don’t want amateurs or frauds operating on you.
  2. When preparing for hair transplant, finding a reliable specialist can be the hardest part where you might struggle with.
  3. We help you to get in touch with trusted clinics which will provide you with safe and affordable services.
  4. Sign up for a free consultation and we will set up an appointment for you with a hair care specialist we trust.

The Cost of Treatment

To put it as simply as we can, the cost of the procedure varies from case to case.

It depends on the amount of lost hair and the ‘n’ number of grafts that will need to be planted. The only way to get an accurate estimate is by getting a consultation.

What if we said that you could get one right away and that too free of cost. Avail your Free Hair consultation here.

Once you sign up, We’re sure that our trusted doctors will give you detailed information about your condition and an estimate after the hair loss consultation. After weighing out your personal results from the Free Advice from Hair Experts, You can clearly choose whether to opt for treatment or not. Sounds easier now?

Before we give you an idea of the cost of such a hair transplant, remember that this cost can vary from scalp to scalp. But the basic cost for a transplanting a graft of hair is Rs35 /graft. NOTE: A graft is not a single hair. Each graft can contain multiple hair.

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So, the costs totally depending on how many hair grafts you might need to get a fuller hair look. Below are the photos of clients who had different amounts of hair grafted and got desirable results. The above examples can help you to judge the approximate amount of grafts which your scalp might require.

But, do not go ahead with your assumptions. Like for any health related issues, even this needs a proper consultation from a doctor before you decide something for yourself. Book yourself a free consultation now with the one of the Best Hair Care Doctors in Goa.