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  • “ At first I was skeptical about these transplants, but then I went for a consulation and Dr. Shazia explained it very well. Now, after a few months from the procedure I feel much more confident. It was a good decision.”
    Suraj Loleyekar, Goa.
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  • “ At first I thought the procedure was going to be frightening, but the LOOKS Staff is friendly and helpful. I had a very pleasant experience. It's been a few months and the hair have started to grow. I feel much better about myself. ”
    Ruchika Dawar, Goa.
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  • “ I was very impressed by the skin & hair treatment. The dark patches on my face lightened after the treatment. Hair growth on the front of the Scalp is visible & hopefully after a few more months of treatment the hair growth will be more.”
    Vinita Chico, Goa.

  • Run your fingers through your hair. Missing something? Imagine a head full of shiny, thick hair.
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About Goa Hair Care

Goa Hair Care is a Goan website dedicated to help Goans keep their hair healthy and thick. We have a team dedicated to study the latest research on hair care, hair loss, and hair transplant.
Why Goa Hair Care
Hair are important and must be taken proper care of. Unfortunately there is too much false and misleading information floating around on the internet about hair care which can do more damage than good.
Which is why our goal is to provide the best and the most accurate information about hair care to our users so that they don’t need to find it anywhere else.
Hair loss is a serious issue with harmful psychological effects that can affect the quality of life. We work on ending the suffering that hair loss causes.
On this website you’ll find useful and informative articles about hair care. For those who are looking to recover their lost hair, you will find the list of best hair transplant clinics and the best hair care specialists in Goa.
You will also find the best information about hair transplant and other hair related procedures.
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